Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Music Inspired by Religion

I did a short ( 8mins ) talk yesterday for It's Nice That and GF Smith's Beauty in the Making event.
I could talk about anything I wanted to and I chose music that is inspired by religion that I like from the view point of being an atheist.

I didn't have time to play clips so here are links to all the things I talked about.

I read a poem I wrote a while ago at the end that fit with what I was talking about.
I have put that at the bottom of this post.

Trumans Waters (not inspired by religion the band Soul-Junk was in pre Soul-Junk)


Can we sing?
Like they used to
Eyes Closed
Red Faced
And hearts full.

There are no gods to sing to anymore
No Land or Sea we have to thank

Sat still all day 
What will be our celebrations?

What words will rise from our mouths
And mingle with others
To make us Float.

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